Digital On-Ramps is working with Philadelphia Works, Inc., JOIN, and District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund to construct career pathways that job seekers can explore to find jobs and career opportunities that local employers are hiring for now. These career pathways are based on data about employment opportunities and requirements specific to the Philadelphia region, drawn from leading labor market information sources O*NET and EMSI.

Career Pathways Tool

Our career pathways tool will help job seekers determine a career that fits their skills, interests, and previous educational and work experiences. It will include the following details for each job title:

  • Labor Demand – the number of annual openings
  • Salary or Wage Level
  • Lateral Opportunities – jobs and career tracks that share a similar set of skills and qualifications
  • Common Skills Language – to identify which skills are transferable across job titles
  • Employment Experience and Educational Levels Required – including any Industry-Specific Credentials & Certifications
  • Training & Learning Opportunities – for acquiring skills or knowledge necessary for the job title

Job seekers can use the tool to identify steps needed to advance to the next level in their current career, as well as what might be needed to move from one career pathway to another, and will include information on training providers and resources that they can contact for help developing skills for the career of their choice. We will continue to update this page as more details are available. A demo of the Career Pathway tool will also be posted on this page once it is developed.