Recently, Digital On-Ramps (DOR) invited organizations from across the city to join us over breakfast to talk about digital badges: how they're being used with youth and adult learners, employers, and in higher education. Participants had a chance to learn more about what it means as an organization and employer to create, issue and accept digital badges. Representatives from organizations that have already adopted digital badges had an opportunity to talk about the successes and challenges they've faced, and offer advice to administrators creating a digital badging system within their organizations. To help frame the national perspective on the innovation and movement behind digital badging, Jen Keeling, Director of Ecosystem Advancement, and Leila Toplic, Chief Marketing Officer spoke about the work of LRNG, their digital platform, and the summer of innovation that happened in LRNG cities across the country.

Attendees at the forum ranged from non-profit organizations to higher education institutions representing youth and adult learning perspectives, all interested in using digital badges to better serve learners and share resources as a comprehensive network. As follow-up, Digital On-Ramps will be offering digital badging trainings to help support programs creating digital badging systems. If you're interested in learning more about digital badges and ways DOR can support your organization, download our informational sheet or contact us at


Digital Badge Checklist