Using Learning Pathways and Digital Badges to Support Early Student Success and Retention

Digital On-Ramps worked with Dr. Betts to create a Learning Pathway course: “APA Mini-MOOC”

Learning pathways and digital badges provide unique opportunities to student success in higher education. Learn how Dr. Kristen Betts has been working collaboratively with graduate students and faculty in the School of Education as well as Drexel academic support services to develop and launch an APA Mini-MOOC for students—MOOC standing for Massive Online Open Course. 

The free online Mini-MOOC has been designed for (a) new students who have been accepted to Drexel University as way to engage them early in APA writing style and to decrease enrollment melt; and (b) current students who would like to increase their mastery of APA writing style. This presentation will walk you through the development of a learning pathway using digital badges and discuss how digital badges are being used in a variety of ways to support critical 21st century skills as well as foster an early connection to Drexel University with newly enrolled students. The presentation will also take a tour of the APA Mini-MOOC to illustrate how to connect digital badges with Blackboard.

This course contains seven different mini-badges leading to an eight mastery badge and is open for incoming graduate students to refresh their knowledge on how to write in the APA style. Students receive a digital badge after completing each module. This rewards their achievements along the way, helping to motivate them to complete the course. However, the course is completely self-paced and will remain open with no end date.  This allows students to complete the work over multiple quarters. Check out the graphic to see the learning pathway!